Popcorn 2017

It is Popcorn Time! Our popcorn season has begun. 

Popcorn Order Sheet Link Below...
Here are the key dates that you need for now and more info to come later: 
  • 9/5: First order due
  • 9/18: Troop 1325 POPCORN KICKOFF 
  • 9/21: First popcorn distribution 
  • 10/2: Second order due 
  • 10/19: Second distribution 
  • 11/6: Final order due
  • 11/23: Final distribution
  • 12/4: All Balances Due 
Looking for Scout and Adult Volunteers. 
Scout Volunteers:
  • Making a Flyer with all the Popcorn and prize information on it for the Kickoff 
  • Speaking at the Popcorn Kickoff on September 18th...I will help you 
  • Doing a Popcorn skit at Kickoff 
  • Making Popcorn announcements at Meetings 

Adult Volunteers: 
  • Volunteer to help place the order in the popcorn system 
  • Picking up popcorn on the Saturday delivery day 
  • Volunteer for a Popcorn Blitz (taking boys out for door to door sales 
  • Volunteer for a store front sale (more information to come on this) 

Let's make it a great Popcorn Year! 


First Saturday of each month from April to November 5:30 AM - 1:30 PM


The Flea Market on an average brings in to our Troop $ 5,400.00 a season. This is for 8 days of work!

 April 1st                May 6th               June 3rd               July 1st                 August 5th          September 2nd                                October 7th                        November 4th

The money earned at the Flea Market does the following:

·       Provides and maintains camping equipment; such as tents, camping stoves, cooking equipment, etc.

·       Bought a new larger trailer for the Troop and outfitted it.  $6,000.

·       Bought a new pop up (canopy) .

·       Pays the cost of adult and scout leadership training.

·       Gift card donated with Thanksgiving Baskets. $150 annually

·       Pays dues for our Adult Scouters. $1,050 annually

·       Nullifies the need to do a mandatory popcorn sale.  Our popcorn sale is voluntary, and the money that the scout earns goes into their *scout account.

·       *scouts can use money in their scout account to pay for summer and high adventure camps as well as  other campout expenses.

Additional benefits of working the Flea Market:

Ø  SSL hours for scouts

Ø  Fun Fun Fun

We need at least 4 adult and 6 scout covering the shifts from 5:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Scouts and Adult Scouters should wear their Class A uniforms.  Parent volunteers should wear their Class B uniforms.  ALL VOLUNTEERS should be in comfortable closed-toed shoes.

Scouts who have completed 5th grade will earn SSL hours for the time they worked.

Please contact Leslie Guerra at  or sign up at the back table at any scout meeting if you can work any of the shifts.  Remember each scout at one of their parent/guardian are required to work at least one Flea Market shift each season.

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