Kernel's Corner

Look here for the latest Popcorn News!
The first Popcorn order is here and sorted by order.  You can email me to arrange pick up or I will bring the orders to Wednesday's meeting.

I also wanted to recap our progress as well as Popcorn Order and Due Dates.

We have sold $1,989 of Popcorn.
Congratulations to those Scouts:
Eric Hoffpauir
Geraden Ward
Seth Gussow
Ben Frick
Manav Talreja
Jesse Bradle
Popcorn Order and Due Dates:
October 3rd       Next Order due to me
October 20th     Next Popcorn Distribution
November 7th   Final Order due to me
December 1st     Final Popcorn Distribution and collect payments
December 5th    Final Payment Due to me
Available Show and Sell Product
Since I must order by the case for the first two orders I have some product available for show and sell.  Please email me or talk to me at Wednesday's meeting if you are interested in the show and sell product available.

Believe in the Power of Popcorn!

Yours in Scouting,
Yvette Bradle
Popcorn Kernel